Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our 2009-2010 school year came to an end the first week in June.  It seems like the first part of summer is going by so quickly.  I hope that everyone walks away from 3rd grade with not just all the academic knowledge set in place this year but a year full of wonderful memories.  I loved every minute of teaching 3rd grade this year.  I have always kept every student close to my heart as my 3rd grade teacher kept me close to her heart.  She was such an inspiration to me and led me into my teaching career.  I have always kept in touch with many of my students over the years and hope that I can keep in touch with last years class as well.  I recently heard from 2 of my former Kindergarten students that graduated this year and are off to college.  It is my goal to not just touch each students life for the year that I teach them but to touch it for life.  I want to hear about all their successes for years to come.  For all my students and parents, I would love to hear your comments.  What was your best memory of  3rd grade?


rcantrell said...

Wonderful web page with a terrific slideshow. I can see you are having one TECHIE summer.:-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Girl! Love the Blog spot. I really need to get mine started. Love the wax museum pics!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every part of 3rd grade!!! The thing about my teacher was she got me. Like when I was sad and crying she would talk to me and skip almost the whole lesson. I miss third grade so much I can evan remember the LAST day. I miss you classmates and espesilly you Ms.Cabellero. But now I'm going in to 5th and moving away. See you in the years . I LOVE 3rd .Love mackenzie. GO Ms.Cabellero