Saturday, December 25, 2010

No Snow in Texas...Here's how we made it happen!!

We had a fun filled day before we left for Winter break. We played a game to review all of our word wall words for the first semester of school called "Snowball Fight". I say a word while each student takes a turn saying a letter to spell the word. After the last letter of the word is said, the next student in the circle says the whole word. Finally, the next student says "snowball" to the person in the circle sitting next to them. That person gets a huge cotton ball stuck to their face with lotion to help it stick. We all laughed and laughed as the "Snowball Fight" continued.


rcantrell said...

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful family Christmas day. Happy New Year and make the most of the second half of the Winter Break. No snow in SA but it looks like a couple of cold mornings coming.
Cute post and loved seeing the pics of the kids.

Anonymous said...

Look at all that snow! Y'all look "cool"!

Connor's Mom