Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Projects

I absolutely love summer for so many reasons...staying up late, sleeping late, day trips, vacations with my family, swimming and catching up on all the projects I can't seem to find time for during the school year. The life of a teacher...trips to Hobby Lobby more than I can count and now that I have discovered Pinterest the hours spent finding projects and lessons are endless! I have already begun to think about how to set up my classroom this year and have been bound and determined to be better organized than past years. I was so excited to get a Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter at the beginning of summer. I have created lesson plan binders labeled with so cute fonts cut from different vinyl colors, personalized doubled walled acrylic cups, beach pails for my girls and neices and an oh so cute pot I copied on Pinterest! Now, I am beginning to label everything I can think of for my classroom.  This is just a start of all the pics to come!

the oh so cute pot with address and name in vinyl

one of 4 trashcans to set at each table group.

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Rich@rcantrell said...

I see you are one happy, busy teacher this summer. All the best to you & Don.