Monday, August 23, 2010

The 1st Day

Wow! What a great first day of school. We really had a great day getting to know eachother and finding out interesting things about new friends and old friends that we didn't already know. I started our day by introducing myself to the class using my Bio Bag. I had 5 different things/pictures inside the bag that would tell a little about myself and the things I like to do. The students then put their Bio Bags together and began decorating them with things that they enjoyed doing. They took their Bio Bags home to complete for their first homework assignment. On Thursday, students should all have their Bio Bags ready to present to the class. We also played Name Bingo. This was a game that they had to walk around the class finding characteristics from their bingo card that matched a student in the class. Once they found a match, they would have that student write their name in the bingo box. After all the boxes were filled in, we played Name Bingo. I would call out the names of our classmates and they would cover their bingo boxes if they had that students name on their bingo card. Once they covered four in a row, they called out bingo. The bingo winner would then have the four students on their bingo card stand up to introduce the unique characteristic about that student. For example, "Johnny is someone who has more than 2 brothers or sisters." We played a lot of getting to know eachother games and look forward to a great rest of the week.


rcantrell said...

WOW! What a day. I love the Bingo name game. Great opening day activity.

Lisa Noll said...

I've just had the opportunity to ready your blog and wanted to say that Emma is having so much fun being in your class! She very much enjoyed her bio bag project :) The most fun we've had so far was playing the place value game last night and researching all about you, Ms. Jordan! We did 2 nights of homework in one...ask her why!