Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Technology Conference

I am in Austin this week learning many techniques about integrating technology into my 3rd grade classroom. I am sitting in a session learning how to go paperless and activities for blogging with students. All I need is a laptop or iPad for each student in my class. Any takers or donations are being accepted at anytime. Seriously though, my goal is to try and obtain many of the engaging tech equipment for my class and future classes to benefit from through grants etc. I love giving my students the experiences of working with the many devices that they may never have the opportunity to use otherwise. This year blogging with my class has been continuously engaged in their learning as we have learned how to import pictures and given us a real purpose for writing. I know the parents have enjoyed it as well because they love to leave comments on their pieces. We will use blogging to go paperless this year for our Wax Museum research projects in May. Do you have any ideas for 3rd graders to blog? Stay tuned....

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rcantrell said...

Hello Tami,
Paperless would be wonderful. Hope you find a donor so that all your kids have iPads. You would be the one on one class in NEISD. See you back at the Ranch on Friday to hear stories from the conference.