Saturday, January 21, 2012

QR Codes in the Classroom

I have been exploring all the possibilities of using QR codes in my classroom.  Next week, I plan to teach my 4th graders how to create their very own QR code and embed it into their blog.  A QR code is a  bar code you scan that takes you to a site on the internet.  What a safe way to have students get exactly where you want them to go and not worry about them misspelling words that take in the wrong direction.  All you need is a bar code scanner found in the app store.  There are many different ones that are free.  The bar code to the left will take you to my teacher webpage.  Here are a few ideas on how you can use QR codes in your classroom:

1. Extention activities:  print QR codes on index cards for students to scan and take them to specific sites for online Math activities, research material, etc.
2. Famous People you study in class: Each code will take them to a site that students can read and research about that specific person in history.
3. Incentives:  Create different codes that will be a surprise to the student until they scan the bar code that says, "Free Homework Pass" or "Sit by a Friend today". 
4. Checking their Homework:  The QR code will be a scanned picture of the answer key to their assignment. Once scanned, they will have all the answers revealed to reflect on how they did on the assignment.
5.  Scavenger Hunts:  Students scan and reveal clues or pictures that they can add to their list of items they are hunting for.
6. Vocabulary:  Students walk around the room scanning posted codes or use bar codes on index cards during literacy stations to reveal the definition to new vocabulary.

My mind can't stop thinking of all the ways to use QR codes in the classroom.  Please leave a comment if you have any ideas for using QR codes.  What a fun way to learn and move around a Techie Classroom!  I wish I had these opportunities as a child.


Rich@rcantrell said...

Love your spirit of try something new. I bet your students have a ball. Good luck with QR codes.

Rich@rcantrell said...

I did check out your QR code from the blog. It took me right to Mrs. Tami Greenwood's home page. Are you going to post some of the QR code the students create?

elysabeth said...

As an author, I'm using them to direct people to my ebook buy pages on amazon and nook. But you do have some great ideas. I'm thinking of a scavenger hunt for my books - perhaps clues that will lead to a book as a giveaway - thanks for that idea.

You have some terrific ideas of using them in the classroom and I hope your students really have fun with them. A surprise incentive - that is my favorite one - lol. Good luck with it all - E :)

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